Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First REAL post!

Here we are again! It's been a over a month since my first post. I've read the course and I gotta tell you, it was helpful. Then I read "Blog Wild" by Andy Wibbels and I think I got a pretty good handle on how to do this whole "blogging for business" thing after finishing that one up. BTW, Andy has a great blog of his own. I encourage you to check it out sometime, especially if you need help blogging......I'm certianly no expert yet.

My vision for Provisions Visions is to help you, the small business owner or non-profit marketing coordinator, with ideas, tips, tricks, and whatnot on how to market or publicize your small business or small non-profit organization effectively, inexpensively and easily.

Now, you might be thinking that by doing so, I'm going to shoot myself in the foot, right? Isn't that what I do?? Marketing and publicity for small businesses and non-profits?? Yep. You betcha. The way I see it, by helping the little guy through the simple stuff, it'll save me the time and hassle of having to tell you "sorry, I'm just too busy for that right now." Also, some of the stuff I want to share with you will help you realize just what, exactly, you need as far as marketing and publicity is concerned. That helps me out, too. The first thing I have to do with any client is sit down and go through this whole checklist of stuff to determine where we need to start, where we need to focus our energies, what the goals are going to be, and how much money we're going to have to spend to get what we want. By helping you figure all that out on your own, when you do decide to give me a call to handle the heavy stuff, you'll be able to tell me exactly what you want. We'll all be on the same page at the same time and your marketing or publicity campaign will be that much further ahead!

So, for the month of June, I'll be doing a series of posts on creating a marketing plan - why you need one, how to create one, what to do with one when your done, and who needs to be in on it with you. I think that's enough to get you started, don't you?

See ya after!

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